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Precious Metals Prices, Silver & Gold Coins

These price charts track the volatility in precious metals prices in the major world markets of New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney. They represent real time spot price activity up to the minute as of the most recent screen refresh. Spot prices are the prices paid for immediate delivery of physical silver and gold in the form of legal tender bullion coins minted by governments usually in the one troy ounce size, non legal tender silver and gold coins minted by well-recognized private companies, and silver and gold bars in sizes varying from 1 gram to 100 troy ounces for silver bars and 10 troy ounces for gold bars.
Solid Gold Silver and Gold
American Silver Eagles Canadian Silver Maple Leafs
   American Silver Eagles Canadian Silver Maple Leafs
100 oz silver bar Ten oz silver bars
100 oz silver bars Ten oz silver bars
Gold Pamp Suisse Gold Credit Suisse
Pamp Suisse Credit Suisse
American Gold Eagle Gold Maple Leaf
American Gold Eagle Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
Gold Krugerrand Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin
Gold Krugerrands Gold Austrian Philharmonics
Mexican silver libertads Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin
Silver Mexican Libertads Silver Austrian Philharmonics
Gold Buffalo
Gold Buffalo
U.S. Rare Coin Investments
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